Rotary eClub | Engage



Is Glocal a word?

Our eClub members come from all over the world...and our impact is both Global and Local. 

  1. We encourage our members around the service in which they are already engaged. By sharing what they are doing, we learn about more needs in our global community and discover opportunities to help, financially, physically and/or with our expertise and contacts.
  2. We are officially part of Rotary District 5810 (North Texas, USA - Think Dallas, Texas). As such, we can participate in "District Grants" supporting needs in this local area.
  3. We can partner with other Clubs for "Global Grants," leveraging our resources of time, talent and treasure and our networks to help make sustainable change across the globe.

Education Online

Online education, or "eLearning," is a great opportunity for our eClub to offer service. Leveraging technology and utilizing the Subject Matter Expertise in our eClub, we can be a resource to Rotary Clubs around the Globe, and to those needing impactful education. 

Rotary Global Grants have a "sustainability" component, which generally require some sort of training, job aids, etc. The expertise of the Learning and Development, Training, Instructional Design, Instructional Developers, etc. community is a great resource to support initiatives around the globe.

Amplifying Messages

A simple service we can offer is to leverage our social networks to amplify the good work Rotary and other service organizations are doing. That free publicity would otherwise cost. We can develop a systematic approach to helping get the word out - a real yet underserved need in times of crisis and for niche non-profits.


We'll develop fundraising campaigns to flesh out our efforts and to support Club and Service Project opportunities.