Meetings and Community

Rotary eClub | Engage


So how does this work?

Twice a month, we have a traditional Rotary meeting via Zoom conferencing. You login from your computer, tablet or phone, wherever you are. We follow a regular format that is familiar to Rotarians around the Globe. We provide an opportunity to share good or bad news (for a donation to Polio Plus!). Instead of live speakers, we use prerecorded videos, TED talks, etc. By meeting online, we're not limited to just who is available at our meeting time. Custom talks are curated, graduate students are invited to speak, and ongoing education about Rotary and our Projects is delivered.


Who says one has to meet in person?

Slack is a great tool used by companies around the world. It's web-based interface (desktop download available)  provides an easy way:

  • to work on projects,
  • to network with others,
  • to build deep and lasting friendships.

It equalizes and democratizes interactions, as anyone can interact with anyone else, allows for direct messaging, and a way to share information with everyone with minimal friction.

Once inducted into our eClub, you will be provided an invitation to the Slack Group.

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